Most parks start as a business venture with a dream of financial independence. Ours started as our private residence.
In the spring of 1996, I was determined to see what our property looked like beyond the unruly overgrowth (see photo). Fourteen years, a bulldozer, a backhoe and many muscle aches later, our 24 acres morphed into a beautiful and peaceful enclave. That awe, still inspires us on our daily walks along our trails.

After continued prompting from friends, Linda & I started entertaining the possibility of sharing our property with neighbors. Those that might share our philosophy of peaceful enjoyment than having to be entertained. We knew our concept would not appeal to everyone, but that’s OK, we had no financial goals to meet or investors to satisfy. And the idea of Hideaway Park was born.

The decisions of how to create a development, was relatively easy. Don’t move a rock, leave every tree where God planted it and place a cabin where every resident can enjoy the surrounding beauty. Only 24 residents will share nature as it was intended, in a well manicured, fifty-five plus community with low overhead and plenty of privacy. Hideaway Park is a year round community with lot leases  including; water, sewer and lawn & landscape maintenance.  All showings by appointment only.

Property management is also available.

Hap Del Buono