Hideaway Park opened April 2, 2007. The following comments are from our gracious guests; unedited, unembellished and quoted exactly as written. If the rest of our guests are half as nice as those we have shared our mountain respite with, we’re in for a wonderful blessing. We anticipate meeting many really special people.

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A Hidden Gem!

5.0 rating
October 7, 2019

Tiny homes are easy to find however homes for them not so easy. Happy’s Hideaway Park is a small community that checks all the boxes for my me and my wife. The day we visited the park and spoke to Happy, we knew we had finally found what we were searching for. Happy spent hours discussing our needs and expectations in order to customize our home. His experience in designing and customizing hundreds of tiny homes was evident from the beginning and all through the process. Equally or perhaps even more important is the park environment and the community that makes the park very special. At Hideaway Park, we enjoy a peaceful, quiet, supportive life. It’seems a place where neighbors respect each other and appreciate the natural beauty that Happy has worked very hard to maintain. If you are looking for a beautiful cabin and the perfect home, contact Happy, make an appointment and see for yourself why we feel so lucky to be here.

Richard Passman

Good Change of Pace

5.0 rating
September 29, 2019

We enjoyed our stay at Hideaway Park. It was nice to wake up to chirping birds. Sometimes you don’t realize how fast paced and noisy your life is until you stay in a place like this. Thank you for all the nice touches. The decorations were very nice.

Tony & Gitta

Enjoyed Every Minute

5.0 rating
August 12, 2019

We enjoyed every minute of our stay. We only live in Greenville but this is a great getaway. “We will be back”. Thanks again for everything.

Tom & Dottie

Such a Wonderful Time

5.0 rating
July 22, 2019

Thank you so much. We really had a wonderful time. It is wonderful coming to a place where they greet you with open arms. My family and I enjoyed every single day and can’t wait to come back. The cabin was wonderful. Thank you and God Bless.

Edgar & Marilena

We'll Bring the Family Next Time

5.0 rating
June 14, 2019

This place is one of a kind!! The kids loft is awesome. Next time we will have to bring more family and rent your other cabins as well. I loved the book selection.

George & Michelle

Hospitality and Peace Equally Nice!

5.0 rating
June 11, 2019

Following a hellish month of May with health complications we were in much need of some peace, quiet and solitude. We found all of this and more at Hideaway Park. On arrival, Happy (who apparently never meets a stranger) greeted us with such warmth we immediately felt at ease. We found the cabin very clean, well organized and adequately stocked with all essential items and the extra touches were very nice. Both Happy and Jim went out of their way to ensure our comfort. He sounds of birds, the waterfall, the delightful cool mountain breezes all combined to soothe our souls. We so needed this!! And we plan to return.

Dave & Mary

Absolutely Unforgettable

5.0 rating
May 12, 2019

We really enjoyed our stay at Hideaway Park. The beautiful landscaping, the pond, the sound of the stream and the serenity of the Cub Cabin with all anyone could ever want was perfect. The cabin was immaculate which made us feel very comfortable and at home. This location has it all and it’s all nearby. What a great place to visit. I would definitely return to our Hideaway Cabin “retreat”. It’s a vacation we will truly remember and plan to return again. Thank you!

Cathy Price & Frank Reed

Everything was Great

5.0 rating
February 2, 2019

e have had a great stay here at Hideaway Park. The cabin as well as the people were GREAT! We plan to come back and hope to bring our friends. Our stay in Hendersonville area was fun and enjoyable. Thanks again.

Larry & Judy

Can't Wait to Come Back!

5.0 rating
November 27, 2018

Hideaway Park provided the perfect setting for a Thanksgiving holiday. We loved the charming cabin with the welcoming flowers and sweets. The serenity was a perfect setting for relaxing and sweet dreams following our Thanksgiving dinner with our family. We will look forward to a return visit!

Rachel & Linda

Just Felt so Relieved!

5.0 rating
October 16, 2018

From the moment we arrived and I proclaimed “we made it”, there was an air of graciousness and kindness. Thank you for giving of yourself to make us be as comfortable as possible. Thanks again!

Janice & Tony

A Long Needed Weekend

5.0 rating
September 9, 2018

The Happy Hideaway has an all new meaning now. Thank you for one of the best weekends in a while. I hope to come back every year on my birthday. Save this cabin for us! Thank you Happy for everything.

Tracy & Chris

Quiet and Solitude Needed and Recieved

5.0 rating
August 1, 2018

Norma & I have enjoyed our stay a great deal. The quiet and solitude was just what we needed and received. It was wonderful to return to our cabin after jaunts to Bat Cave and shopping. The opportunity to get our thoughts together in peace and quiet has escaped us of late so this was appreciated more than can be expressed here. We thank Happy & Jim for the beautiful time, the flowers, the chocolates and being left alone but always nearby if needed.

Norma & Richardc

Perfect comes to mind

5.0 rating
July 15, 2018

“When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised to find the park to be everything we hoped for. The Cub Cabin was cozy and unique. Our stay was romantic and even magical, when we awoke Saturday morning to find a light dusting of snow! It’s hard to express how much we enjoyed our stay. Perfect comes to mind. Happy & his family were anxious to make sure we had everything we needed. Now that we’ve met them, we feel like old friends and will definetly be back to spend time here and with them. I feel we will have to make reservations well in advance to be sure we can return as this park will be the most popular. We’re considering a permanent spot as this will be our future anniversary location. The park is relaxing with the sound of the creek and waterfall, a light breeze against the mountain just comforts your soul. I’ll close by saying, we had a truly wonderful time.”

Ester & Tim

A Little Piece of Heaven

5.0 rating
March 30, 2018

We came to Happy’s for several reasons, to get away for my birthday (no one should work on their birthday) so vacation it was, and we wanted to check the area for our future retirement location. We hit Happy’s after a long road trip, sat on the front porch w/a cup of coffee (and a beer) and felt the tension melt away. The gentle breeze through the trees, the babbling brook and waterfall, the birds calling, a little piece of heaven. Our hosts were warm and welcoming. It was heavenly to fall asleep with open windows listening to the “nightlife”…. I don’t want to leave but we look forward to coming back – permanently. Thank you Happy, Linda & Jim. Thanks for the warm friendly welcome and considerations during our stay. We will pass your name to any travelers we know passing this way. Thanks for a lovely & relaxing weekend! So peaceful. PS: I absolutely love the furniture in the cabin, it is unique and comfortable.

Marla & Martin


5.0 rating
January 26, 2018

What a nice welcome! Thanks for the hospitality and a really cute cabin.

Susan & Doyle Whitfield

One of a Kind Wedding Anniversary

5.0 rating
November 14, 2017

Thank you very much for all you have done!! Your hospitality was out of this world. We really enjoyed our stay in your beautiful log cabin, and with the views, quiet atmosphere and surroundings, we will definitely be back year after year. This place is one of a kind!! You made our wedding anniversary so memorable, and words of thanks & gratitude are immeasurable! Thank you for who you are!! God Bless and good luck with the park.

Jeff & Terri

Gorgeous & Peaceful

5.0 rating
November 3, 2017

We’ve just arrived and are “in love” already. Your attention to detail is magnificent and your restaurant recommendations superb. Can’t wait for a good nights rest and to see this place in the day. It is so gorgeous & peaceful here. The views are wonderful and the night sky so filled with stars it has taken our breath away. We will be back!! And we are very, very seriously considering staying here 7 months a year. You have done a great job!

Susan & Lou

Detail is Amazing!

5.0 rating
May 15, 2017

We really enjoyed our stay. Such a lovely place…such special attention to details. We will be staying with you again! May the Lord richly Bless You!

Nancy & Gary

Enjoyed Our Stay!

5.0 rating
April 21, 2017

We enjoyed our stay. Wish we could have spent more time here. Thank you, what hospitality!! The cabin was very nice and the time spent here was oh so peaceful. Just what we needed, lots of R & R. Hope to return soon. Maybe some time in the fall. May God Bless

Mandy & Gordy

Bringing the Family Back Together

5.0 rating
April 15, 2017

Happy Hideaway played a role in a tiny family reunion. Daughter & husband have been in Durham, mom & dad live in Michigan and son moved to Tuxedo, NC. It is an excellent location for exploration ( a long standing pastime) as we checked out Chimney Rock Park, Asheville and many places in between. And after finishing our daily excursions, the Hideaway Park was a warm and comfortable place to come home to. We were able to play our games, read our books while listening to the rain outside. It slowed us down and gave us a chance to appreciate the cute decorating and the attention paid to small detail here. Way to go Happy. Good luck in your future and thanks!

Erin & Evan/Margaret & Jon

Peaceful for the Whole Family

5.0 rating
February 23, 2017

This place is quiet and peaceful. The surrounding area is welcoming with lots of mountain views and cultural diversity. Our family plans to return soon. We hope your stay will be as enjoyable and restful as ours.

John & Kathy Shields

Planning on a Quick Return

5.0 rating
August 17, 2016

This has been a very relaxing and private vacation. Your personal touch was just right. We plan to return very soon & will without a doubt be bringing our bikes. Best of luck to you both. Thank you.

John & Alice

Re:Bad Review

5.0 rating
August 13, 2016

I just want to state this property is not owned by two old retired cpl. They keep the retirement community, very well maintained. Lovely atmosphere,and very nice community to live at. The person who stated old cpl, had wrong resort.

Catherine Hansen

Cute and Cozy!

5.0 rating
May 1, 2016

I still can’t get over how adorable and snug this cabin is! Staying here has been so peaceful and romantic. We’re grateful for our time at Hideaway Park. We hope all have as wonderful a time as we have had.

Tim Bauer & Jen Grier